Wednesday, June 22, 2011

for now in our village are very difficult to get water.

for now in our village are very difficult to get water.
rice farmers have been drained using diesel to irrigate their fields.

farmers need the water.
people need to drink water.
water sources have been reduced due to deforestation around the village have been very severe.

it seems there is need for reforestation in the forest. for the survival of all creatures.
I hope the rainy season is coming back.
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

english exercises for junior high school

CHOOSE for the correct answer !!!
1. Man : Why do you look so pale and weak ?Women : I have a painful stomachache
    a. Man : You should go to the doctor. Let i’ll a company you
    b. What does the man express ? the man express
    c. Advice d. Disagreement
    d. Agreement e. Dissatisfaction
    e. Satisfaction

2. The phrases below are expressing opinion, except 
    a. In my opinion you must join the class
    b. Ass I see it, the problem is quiet difficult
    c. Personally. I think that you need more practice
    d. I’m sorry to hear that
    e. To my mind, it would be better to revise the draft.

3. sisca : boy, I still love you with all my heart
    boy : ……..
    the appropriate response of refusing for love expression is,….
    a. sorry d. sory, I can’t accept your feeling
    b. Don’t love me e. No problem
    c. Do I love you?

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Thursday, March 25, 2010



Greenhouse Effect or the Greenhouse Effect is a term that was originally derived from the experience of farmers in temperate climates who grow vegetables and seeds in the greenhouse. Their experience shows that in the daytime when the weather clears, even without the heater in the room temperature in the greenhouse is higher than the temperature welcome.

This occurs because sunlight is reflected back through the glass by the plant / soil in the greenhouse space as a form of infrared rays heat. The reflected rays can not get out of the room so that the greenhouse air in the greenhouse temperature rises and the heat trapped in the greenhouse room and not mixed with the air outside the greenhouse.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Three Main Classes Flatworm

Three Main Classes Flatworm
1. TURBELARIA (Shakes-Headed Worms)

The only free-living class (non-parasitic), for example is a system of planarians excretion from the cells fire (Flame Cell). Hermafradit are empowered regeneration and fast.

2. TREMATODA (wormwood Suck)
The types of this class are:

Fasciola hepatica (liver worm farm), is hetmafrodit. Life cycle are: egg Mirasidium larvae into the body of the snail Lymnea Sporokista develop into larvae (II): Redia  larvae (III): Serkaria the tail, then out of the snail's body  cyst attached to the vegetation water ( especially water lettuce Nasturqium officinale) and then consumed livestock (to be contagious to people, when eating watercress) Þ into the body and becomes an adult worm causes Fascioliasis.
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