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english exercises for junior high school

CHOOSE for the correct answer !!!
1. Man : Why do you look so pale and weak ?Women : I have a painful stomachache
    a. Man : You should go to the doctor. Let i’ll a company you
    b. What does the man express ? the man express
    c. Advice d. Disagreement
    d. Agreement e. Dissatisfaction
    e. Satisfaction

2. The phrases below are expressing opinion, except 
    a. In my opinion you must join the class
    b. Ass I see it, the problem is quiet difficult
    c. Personally. I think that you need more practice
    d. I’m sorry to hear that
    e. To my mind, it would be better to revise the draft.

3. sisca : boy, I still love you with all my heart
    boy : ……..
    the appropriate response of refusing for love expression is,….
    a. sorry d. sory, I can’t accept your feeling
    b. Don’t love me e. No problem
    c. Do I love you?

4. Michael :……………. Jane
    Jane : I love you too
    a. I miss you d. I hate you
    b. I need you e. I love you very much
    c. I will always do

5. X : What happen to you? I know how you feel, but please don’t cry
    Y : ( Crying )
    We can conclude that the second speaker is…….
    a. Embarrased d. Tired
    b. Sad e. Excited
    c. Angry

6. Rico : I hate her I saw her watching movie with another man
    Dion : You have broken up with her have you?
    Rico : Of course
    The dialogue expresses…..
    a. Sadness d. Angry
    b. Anger e. Good
    c. Embarrasment

7. X : Is she trying to make me angry?
    Y : ………..
    The expression of coding the first speaker down is….
    a. Really? d. I am angry, too
    b. Take it easy e. Yer, she is
    c. So do it

8. Man : I was disappointed with the art exhibition
    Women : So was I the paintings were not the great works
    What does the man express?
    a. Inability d. Desagree ment
    b. Uncertainly e. Dissatis faction
    c. Impossibility

9. Man : Jane plans to have a party to celebrate our team birthday
    Woman : ……
    a. It’s really my hobby
    b. It’s her job to do that
    c. I’m sorry to hear that
    d. I don’t think it’s a good idea
    e. It’s very exciting

10. Woman : Dad, have you seen my report card?
    Man : Sure…… you did well. I’m very proud of you
    Woman : Thank you. Dad.
    What does the mn express?
    a. His pride d. His curiosity
    b. His aduice e. His agree ment
    c. His intention

11. Man : We’re going to the movie n fridy night?
    Would you like to came with us?
    Woman : ……
    a. I don’t like it

    b. I Disagree with you

    c. I’m sorry to hear that

    d. I’d love to, but I can’t

    e. It’s really my hobby

12. Vita : Hi and, how is you brother? I haven’t met him for a long time
    Adi : Come to my hous. You will see him
    Vita : I’m sorry I’m busy…..
    a. May you be happy
    b. Enjoy your self
    c. But I wish his fine
    d. Best of luck
    e. I wish you good night
13. Siska : where are you going?
    Tya : I’m going to have exam for a job
    Siska : Thanks
    a. Good luck
    b. I wish you good night
    c. May you be happy
    d. Wish you luck
    e. Enjoy your self
14. I promise I wan’t be so careless a gain
   This a response of expiessing…….
   a. Apology             d. Promising
   b. Suggertion        e. Possiblity
   c. Camplaint

15. I wan’t to complain about this soup
    The underlined word express…
    a. Wishes              d. Anger
    b. Complaint         e. Probability
    c. like

The following dialogue is for number 16 - 20
Mary : You look confused, susi what happens?
Susi   : Next week we’re going to play, but up to now me have no plan what we are going to play
Mary : What for is the play
Susi   : It’s for English lesson. We have to present it for Kindergarfen children. Miss ida, our English teacher chose us
Mary : 16) ……. ? It’s interesting story
Susi   : Thumbelins is. It is not familiar for me
Mary : 18) ……………. ? It’s so simple, right?
Susi   : 19)….. ………….. well, I have to write
The script ferst. The I call my friends to practice. Thank you. Mary

16. a. What about thumbeling
      b. I suppose thumbeling
      c. I don’t mind

17. a. Well, not really       d. Yer, I’d lave too
      b. I don’t mind            e. Oh, all right
      c. Good idea

18. a. Good idea                   d. Do you think. That’s good story
      b. I don’t mind                e. No, I don’t think so
      c. No, let’s good story

19. a. That would be very interesting       d. I don’t mind
      b. Oh, all right                                   e. yes, I suppose I’d better
      c. That is a very good idea

20. I think this music is really unpleasant
    The underlined words expresses….
    a. Like                  d. Displeasure
    b. Dislake             e. Anger
    c. Happynes

21. I’m very keen on football
    The underlined words express
    a. Wish           d. Anger
    b. Like            e. Dislike
    c. Boring

22. Via : Why don’t you wear this dress
     Vita : I hate this dress
     The underlined expression shaws
     a. Anger          d. Bore
     b. Like             e. Pleasure
     c. Dislike

23. I wonder if I can fly to that cloud the underlined word ezpress….
    a. Wonder (curiosity)       d. Like
    b. Suggertion                   e. Complaint
    c. Anger

24. Give my love to the children
    The senfence above expresses…
    a. Suggestion      d. Wishes
    b. Complaint       e. Request
    c. Order

25. Michael : ………, jane
    Jane : I love you too
    a. I miss you              d. I hate you
    b. I need you              e. I love you very much
    c. I will always do

26. Dinda : I wonds you to promise that you’ll love me forever
      Sony : ………..
    a. I give you my word on that                 d. It’s promise
    b. You have my word on it                      e. Is that a promise?
    c. I promise I’ll do what ever you want

27. X : Mr handoko gives a convicing speech
      Y : ………. He is a clever man
      The expression of attitudes for the dialogue is
    a. I like the way he speaks            d. His speech makes me angry
    b. I was so ashamed                      e. It annays me
    c. I think he cannot give speech

28. Man : jane plans to have a party to selebrak. Aur team birthday
    Women : ………
    a. It’s really my hobby
    b. It’s her job to do that
    c. I’m sorry to hear that
    d. I don’t think it’s a good idea
    e. It’s very

29. X : I want you to swear that won’t play at the old house over there anymore.
           Do you agree with that?
      Y : You heve my word on it
The underlined word in the dialogue above expresses
a. Promising d. Bloming
b. Agree e. Apdogiang
c. Confessing

30. Ika : What should I do now? My mother locked the door
she will come here at five o’clock
Keke : Why don’t we go to an internet café over there? You can see if
Your mother came
The underlined word express….
a. Complaining d. Giving suggertion
b. Attitude e. Currios
c. Asking for help

31. Faia : I know it’s my fault. Are they going to forgive me?
Berta : Sure
The first speaker expresses
a. Admitting mistake d. Accusing same one
b. Apologaing e. promise
] c. Asking suggestion

32. I’m sorry, miss I will send someone to clean your bathroom”
This is a reponse of expressing……..
a. Apology d. Possibility
b. Suggertion e. Incapability
c. Complaint

33. Secertary : Excuse me, sir Mr Handoko wants to meet you
Manager : Okey, send him in.
What does the manager express?
a. Sugestion d. Promise
b. Curiosity e. Order
c. Desire

34. Ikhsan : I’m sorry too, I have a presentation tomorrow
Tom would you mind not singing?
Tomi : Oh, is it bothering you? I’m sorry so…………
What was tom’s response of expressing…..
a. I wish you luck d. Thank you very much
b. Thank you e. thank you too
c. Good luck

35. Annie : So, what is the plan?
Sinta : ………. Is that I’m going to tell the truth to my boy friend
Annie : Even though you know that your boy friend is intolebrat?
Sinta : Whatever it takes, truth does hurt
Annie : Sound good to me! Honesty us the best palicy
a. My plan is d. I’m planning to
b. I’m going to e. you’ll see later
c. I in tend to

The following dialogoue is for number 36-37
Andy : Hi, Windy
Windy : Hi 36)……….
Andy : I’m going in to ask Mr.Indra for a remedial test
Windy : You’re finally going to do it, huh? Good fortune be with you 37)……..
Windy : So do it

36. a. Come here!
b. Where are you going?
c. What happen
d. I’m hungry
e. Why you go?

37. a. Good luck d. Thank you
b. Best of luck e. I hape it goes as
c. Good fortune be with you

The following dialogue is for number 38-39
Mrs Sinta : Good morning.
Mrs Dahlia : Good morning 38)…….
Mrs Sinta : Yer, I heard that you heve catering business. Is it frue?
Mrs Dahlia : Yer, it is I started it since two years ago
Mrs Sinta : Well, a few days ago I tasted your cake. It was really deliaous.
Can I order for my party
Mrs Sinta : 39)………… you can. Let’s come in and talk about it

38. a. Would you mind help you? d. Well you help me?
b. Can you help me? e. Would you help?
c. May I help you?

39. a. Go course d. I’m sorry I can’t
b. Of course e. Yes no problem
c. Not at all

40. Would you turn on the lamp, please?
The sentence above expresses
a. Suggestion d. Like
b. Complaint e. Sequest
c. Wishes

41. Ina : Why are you sleepy in class?
Ines : Do I look sleepy, na? I am not sleepy, but I have a painful stomach ache
Ina : You should go to the doctor. Come on I’ll accompany you
The underlined words express
a. Disagree ment d. Offering
b. Satisfaction e. Advice
c. Otligation

42. A : Have you heard that uncle joe will come next week?
B : Oh, really? When did he tell you?
A : Last week
The underlined sentence is used to express
a. Happines d. Enjoy ment
b. Pleasure e. Curiosity
c. Surprise

43. Mr Anwar : Are you pleased that your sun
Wants to be a dentis’t
Mr Rohman : No, really. I wish my sun become a manager of my shoestore
The underlined expression means that
a. Mr Rahman’S sons id a manager
b. Mr Rahman wants his sun to be a manager

c. Mr Rahman’S sun is running a shoe store business

d. Mr Rahman’S sun was not a dentist

e. Mr Rahman’S sun was the manager of the shoeo-store

44. Man : Would you like to go to the beach with us next Sunday?
Woman : I’d like to but I’m afraid check m health
What does the woman express?
a. She accepts the invitation? d. She promises to go
b. She refuses the invitation e. She asks permission
c. She agrees with them

45. Man : My car always makes me trouble
Woman : Why don’t you sell ti and buy a new one
Man : I think so
What does the man express?
a. Regret
b. Refusal

c. Agreement

d. Pleasure

e. Smpathy

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