Thursday, February 11, 2010

Biodiversity 1. Various Level Biodiversity

1. Various Level Biodiversity

Biodiversity can occur at various levels of life, ranging from low levels of organisms to high-level organisms. Example of single-celled creatures to many-celled creatures; and organizational levels of individuals living up to the level of complex interactions, such as from species to ecosystems.

In general, biodiversity is divided into three levels, namely:
1. Gene diversity
Every living organism trait controlled by a pair of hereditary factors (genes), one of the other parent of the male and female parent. This level of diversity can be shown by the variation in one species.

- Variations of coconut: coconut ivory, green coconut
- Variations of dogs: a bulldog, shepherd dog, mongrel
What makes this variation is: The formula: F = G + L

F = phenotypic
G = genoti
L = environmental

If G changed for some reason (mutation, etc.) or L changes there will be a change in F. Change is what causes this variation.

Fig. Morphological variation in a single variety of wheat due to cross

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